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Fertility Treatments

Greece offers top-quality fertility services with over 50 licensed clinics located in 2 major cities, Athens and Thessalonica.

Our team works with only the top experienced and qualified fertility clinics, which provide all the latest IVF techniques, including egg donation, surrogacy, and pre-implementation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

All our partner clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, and follow all the latest technologies and innovations, ensuring the highest successful pregnancy rates.

Fertility Treatments in healthcareingreece

Travel Arrangements

Our friendly team will help you organize your trip before you start your fertility journey in Greece, and will even book your accommodation if needed.

It is our promise and commitment to you to find the best ways to experience Greek culture and hospitality, whether you choose the sunny Athens or the seaside Thessalonica.

Our representatives are located in three cities: Athens, London, and Thessaloniki.

We connect the dots to make you feel relaxed and free from stress while undergoing fertility treatment in Greece.

Insurance and Finance

Fertility treatments in Greece are the best value for money when compared to any other European destination.

In addition, our team has negotiated the best packages with our inclusive partners for your own profit.

Moreover, we have gone the extra mile and we have developed a unique refund guarantee package to eliminate any risk.

We can also advise you regarding Travel & Medical Care Insurance in order to cover any unexpected additional costs that may come up.

All our clinics have liability indemnity insurance and are ISO accredited according to the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction.


£125 £0*

  • Preliminary consultation
  • Non medical
  • Questionairre filling
  • Book meeting with clinic
  • Travel information
  • General guidance
  • Contacted by email

£510 £385*

All in Advance package plus:

  • Personalized support & quidance 24/7
  • Travel assistance
  • Hotel booking
  • Airport pick up
  • Leisure time scheduling
  • Assistance with your doctor/IVF clinic
  • Visa arrangements & document translation
  • Contacted by email/skype/phone

£810 £685*

A bespoke package crafted to your specifications

  • Act as your consultant
  • Broaden IVF clinics research
  • Negotiation according your specific needs
  • Providing second best IVF option
  • Certification Learning Paths
  • Discounts on selected luxury Hotels/Restaurants/Tour activities

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