Why Greece

Key Facts

Greece has the most liberal fertility legislation in Europe.

  • The donation of eggs and sperm is mutually anonymous, both for those who donate them and for those who receive the donation.
  • Age limits: The 50th year of age for the woman on the day of the embryo transfer. There is no age limit for men.
  • IVF treatment for Single women and Lesbian couples is allowed.
  • Surrogacy is a legal process from the moment of publication of the court decision that allows a woman or a couple to conceive through a surrogate mother.

Highest Safety and Quality Standards

The Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction is a national body that introduces and controls the scientific, legal and moral framework in which all clinics and organizations related to assisted reproduction operate.

The aim of the above Authority is to guarantee safety for the people, and support the proper functioning of the clinics as defined by the law and the European Society of Human Reproduction.