Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

health care in greece faq

About Healthia Team

We are a medical tourism agency that will help you on your journey towards building a family

Located in Greece, our job is to be your trusted consultant during the full cycle process. We have selected our external partners, IVF clinics, medical coordinators, and tourism providers strictly. We assure you that you will get the best services for an excellent experience.

Through our web platform, we offer a wide range of services for international patients looking for fertility treatment in Greece. 

From organizing your IVF treatment with our top-rated fertility partners, to arranging your travel and accommodation needs, it’s our pleasure to make your fertility journey a great experience

You can contact us directly through the website, using the ‘chat bot’ in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

If you’d prefer to email, you can contact us using the form or at and a member of our team will reply to you during the day.

Our clear vision is to become a unique, personalized, and reliable platform to talk about ‘traveling for fertility treatment in Greece’.  

We are more than just an In Vitro Fertilization travel agency!

Our long-term goal is to provide high-quality, insightful business intelligence for our international clients.

About Our Business

The simpler the better; that’s we have made an easy five-step process so you know what to expect. Our team is here to help you solve any potential worries, no matter the case.

There are three plans you can opt into through our platform: Advanced, Premium, and Custom. Do not hesitate to ask for more details and further explanations.

Quality of Services

All our partner clinics are members of the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction 

They are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and follow all the latest technology standards and innovations, ensuring the highest successful pregnancy rates possible.

Absolutely. You have the freedom to choose any service combination you want

If you don’t have the time to search or need some additional help for the medicals, we are happy to help.

Payment and Discounts

It’s simple and free! Just fill in your contact name and email, get your voucher code and use all the provisions of the Advanced Plan for FREE!!

Healthia is an online service platform that provides reliable information on IVF opportunities in Greece. We charge a standard fee for advice and consultations. We do not act as contractors or on behalf of the service providers.

Data Protection

You will only be asked to provide us with basic information (identity, contact details, preferred period, etc.). We will not ask for data on your medical history and background or other sensitive issues. 

In case of agreement, we will ask for the transactional information necessary for the provision of our services.

Please read our Privacy and GDPR policy for more information.